Christian Education

Infants through 12 years

Our Christian Education has much to offer your child(ren), as we build a solid biblical foundation for them to grow and learn from.  The younger classes are designed to help your children learn and be fun for them as well, with both a story time and then some kind of “learning lesson” be it a craft or a fun game to follow.   Christian Education runs all year round and hosts a variety of events from the annual Christmas concert, Ice Cream Social etc.

No matter the age of your children we welcome all children to come and participate in learning about God’s word.

Teen Class

For those  students 13 and over we welcome you to our Teen class.  Taking stories from the Bible and showing how they are relevant today is our theme this year.  Learning how important something as simple as saying “I promise.” and the consequences of not living up to it has given them of food for thought.  There is plenty of room for discussion and a dictionary is always on hand to help us understand words we may not have seen before or understand the meaning of.

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